How It Works

How does Press Plugs work?

Journalists need quotes, expert opinions and people to interview or seek comment from every day and business owners and agencies need constant publicity for their businesses and clients.

Sometimes journalists know what content they want and other times they are open to new ideas. Either way, sourcing stories and comments can be time consuming for them, and finding the right journalists can be difficult for business owners, so we make it easy for both by sending our subscribers media opportunities as soon as we get them straight to their own personalised dashboard and if they want us to directly to their In-Box also.

The great part about PressPlugs is that you only get those media opportunities that are relevant to you, so if you’re a nutritionist, for example, then you can ask us to only send you health-related opportunities or if you’re an accountant, then only business and finance requests – that way, you don’t have to wade through irrelevant lists, you can go straight to the good stuff and make contact with the journalist instantly!

So, if you see an opportunity that works for you or your client, simply send the journalists a response. If the journalist thinks you’re a good fit, then your business or your client’s business could be in front of thousands or even millions of potential customers before you know it.

PR Opportunities

How to use your media opportunities

The media opportunities we send you will be available fresh from the journalist on your dashboard or if you’ve requested instant email alerts then waiting for you in your email In-Box.

Our software ensures the hottest media opportunities will be with you in super quick time, but they will only be of use to you if you act on them.

We know that agencies are pros at this stuff, but if you’re a business owner and you’re new to the media, then follow our 6 key tips on:

How to deal with the media – a guide for businesses:

1) Preparation is key! Before you even sign up for PressPlugs, think about what you want to say to a journalist about your business – what’s your USP, your credentials, experience and so on. Even pull together a short biography, so you can send it to a journalist if they need it.

2) Take some good photos. Some journalists will want to include a photograph of you, so just grab a smart phone and a willing friend or colleague, a plain wall and go for it. Just make sure you are clearly in the picture and that your dog or fruit bowl aren’t in the background!

3) Media opportunities will be sent to you as soon as they arrive at PressPlugs HQ, so check your dashboard regularly, as the media moves fast.

4) TAKE ACTION AS SOON AS YOU SEE A RELEVANT REQUEST! Journalists are busy people, often working to deadlines, so if you see a request that you would be perfect for, respond as soon as you can. Explain quickly and promptly why you fit the bill and give some quick examples of the work you’ve done with customers and/or your experience if that’s relevant. Journalists will always want the best person they can for their stories, so if your profile fits better than someone else, then they’ll pick you.

5) Don’t be nervous. We know that dealing with the media can be a bit daunting, particularly if you haven’t done it before, but most journalists are very approachable, so be confident in your communications as you are helping them as much as they are helping you. And, once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll soon be a pro!

6) Finally, enjoy the publicity. And, don’t forget, any press you do get, remember to tell the world about – share it on your all social channels and your website too – your followers will love it just as much as you!

Not every frog you kiss will turn into a Prince

It is important to set expectations right from the outset, and just like all other forms of marketing patience is crucial!

It’s important to remember that not all PR opportunities you put yourself forward for will come off, so prepare yourself for the long game and be diligent. PR is all about consistency and adding value.