Journalists need quotes, expert opinions and people to interview or seek comment from every day and entrepreneurs need constant publicity for their business, so they can demonstrate their expertise and gain more customers!

Sometimes journalists know what content they want and other times they are open to new ideas. Either way, sourcing stories and comments can be time consuming for them, and finding the right journalists can be difficult for business owners, so we make it easy for both by sending our subscribers journalist requests as soon as we get them straight to their own personalised dashboard and into their Inbox.

With PressPlugs you only get those media opportunities that are relevant to you, so if you are a fitness expert, for example, then you can ask us to only send you health-related opportunities or if you’re an accountancy practice, then only business and finance requests – that way, you don’t have to wade through irrelevant requests, you can go straight to the good stuff and make contact with journalists instantly!

So, if you see an opportunity that works for you, then simply send the journalists your pitch. If the journalist thinks you’re a good fit, then your business could be in front of thousands or even millions of potential customers before you know it.

Once you sign up to the free trial, you will automatically be signed up to receive email alerts and you can also visit your dashboard to view requests.
If you want to alter the requests you are receiving to suit your sector, then just visit ‘Your Interests’ on the dashboard.

Dealing with the media

Of course, some businesses are more comfortable at dealing with the media than others and with this in mind, we’ve developed heaps of useful resources for PresPlugs members to help build their confidence.

These resources are available on your dashboard in your ‘PR Toolkit’ and we will continue to be add to them, as we aim to build our members knowledge and expertise.

Our ‘PR Toolkit’ will include everything you need to know from how to pitch to a journalist and how to write a press release to tips on how find your coverage!

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