PressPlugs FREE journalist request service connects you with an extensive network of PR professionals and business owners, so you can obtain timely and relevant case studies, comments, samples and more.

We know how busy journalists are, so our aim is to make your job as easy as possible by saving you time and hours of research.

So, whatever way you want to contact us to send a request is fine with us!

Journalists that use PressPlugs either:-

1) Set up their own FREE  journalist account and pop requests on whenever is convenient for them.

2) Send us an email on

3) Direct message us on Twitter @pressplugs or tag us in their requests @pressplugs

If you are emailing or contacting us via Twitter to send a request, then all we need is:-

a) Description of the Request (a paragraph is fine unless you need to send more details)

b) Publication

c) Your deadline

d) How you want to receive replies (email and/or phone number)

Why journalists should use PressPlugs to source experts

The journalists who use PressPlugs tell us that we are super helpful, reactive and our subscribers are incredibly on the ball!

We will only match your request with relevant PRs and businesses based on their industry sector and location. Responses will be sent direct from our subscribers to your Inbox meaning you can liaise with them directly. You can also choose to keep your email private.

PressPlugs also gives you the opportunity to develop relationships with relevant and reliable case studies, so you can save time finding someone for your story next time.

We are constantly building up new relationships with experts and PRs, with an array of exciting stories to tell and we’d love you to come on board.

Who is using PressPlugs?

We are a trusted source of experts for many of the UKs top journalists from media outlets including:


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Access to a large pool of PR Pros and UK experts

Saves you time

Find experts who are relevant to you

Your email can be kept 100% confidential

Develop relationships with reliable PRs and business owners

Access to our dedicated support team

Be part of a community with an ethical approach

Benefit from a FREE service designed to help you

What kind of journalist requests do you monitor?

  • Construction & Property
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Entertainment & Events
  • Legal & Public Sector
  • Marketing & Media
  • Sports & Leisure
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