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Abby Young-Powell
Journalist working across the nationals, including The Guardian and The Telegraph

“As a journalist writing across nationals like the Guardian and Telegraph and for magazines, I'm often looking for interviewees to speak to on a range of topics, from healthcare, education, tech, human interest and more. Press Plugs has been a really helpful way to connect with people and find interviewees. They are very quick at picking up on my requests and share my call outs immediately. I've spoken to a number of people through the service. They are a trusted source for journalists and act as a helpful bridge between journalists and other professionals.”

Bess Browning
Commissioning Editor for women's magazines at Future Plc and freelance journalist.

“I have been using Press Plugs for the last couple of years and it has become an incredibly helpful tool for sourcing the perfect case studies and expertise for my features in women's magazines. PressPlugs are my go-to when I need to find a spokesperson or a case study and I have a tight deadline to meet. I would fully recommend their service to any journalist and to any press team trying to reach out to journalists and secure coverage for a brand or story.”

Sabuhi Gard
Sabuhi Gard
Commercial Editor - Business, Finance, Tech, The Telegraph

“The Press Plugs service has been a lifesaver when I have been on tight  deadlines for both trade press articles and national newspaper articles. I have been using the service for several years now. All I need to do is issue a request via Twitter, and I get almost an immediate response from industry spokespeople, PR and marketing professionals on the topic I am writing about. I always meet my deadline with the Press Plugs service. My editors are happy! I thoroughly recommend Andrea and the team.” in/sabuhi-gard-3387928/

Katie Bishop
Writer, Journalist and Editor

“PressPlugs has been a really useful way of connecting with PRs and potential sources. The team always respond promptly and are really helpful, and it's great to be able to expand your network and make new connections".

Annie Makoff
Annie Makoff
Freelance Journalist

“PressPlugs is my go-to media tool when I'm on deadline. I've always been impressed with how responsive and quick-off-the mark they are. I can rely on them to get my journalist requests out quickly. Within seconds of sending out a media request, they'll message me personally to let me know it's in-hand. I've found some really excellent commentators and case studies using their service. Cannot recommend them enough!”

Marianna Hunt
Marianna Hunt
Journalist, The Telegraph

“PressPlugs has provided me with some brilliant case studies and contacts. They're super quick to get back to you and the leads are generally very good.”

Rachael Davis
Journalist, MyLondon

“PressPlugs has been a huge help for sources for local news stories in London. I've been able to reach contacts I'd never have been able to otherwise for all sorts of stories, and every source I've dealt with has been knowledgeable and professional. I couldn’t recommend it enough for any journalist.”

Graeme Parton
Freelance copywriter and content specialist

“PressPlugs has been a really useful writing tool for me over the past couple of years. My articles are made so much more valuable by first-hand expert insight, and PressPlugs helps me find it with minimal effort on my part. That means I can meet my deadlines without compromising on contributor quality.”

Lisa Maxbauer
Lisa Maxbauer
Contributing writer at 'First for Women' and 'Woman's World' magazines

“PressPlugs is such an invaluable tool for journalists on a deadline. It's a fast way for me to spread the word on stories I'm developing and find the expert sources I'm seeking. Over and over again, this media hub saves me time and allows me to be productive while juggling multiple stories for national publications. Thank you!”


Dana Leigh
Dana Leigh
Journalist, TechRound

“Andrea and the team are always so helpful when I'm looking for new stories and trying to reach PRs. I can always rely on posting on PressPlugs to generate some fantastic coverage. Most recently, we've worked with Press Plugs to spread the word about our CEO interview slots and the quality of pitches coming through is second to none. I can't recommend them enough.”


Kat Wheeler
Kat Wheeler
Mental Health Journalist

“PressPlugs is a really easy, convenient way to reach more people with journalist requests, and has led me to connect with great case-studies many times in the past.”

Bethan Kapur
Bethan Kapur
Freelance Journalist

“I'm really grateful to PressPlugs for helping me find people to interview for my articles, they're very responsive to my requests and have helped me reach a range of people to speak to.”

Rupanjana Dutta
Rupanjana Dutta
Foreign Correspondent (Bartaman) and Managing Editor (Asian Voice)

“I came to know Tracy through Press Plugs. Recently, I started using Twitter to gather leads for interviews. That is when I came across PressPlugs and it has really made my life easier! Tracy and her team are prompt at sharing my requests (mostly with short deadlines) and I have often got reliable contacts or links through them, that have been perfect for my diverse range of stories. I would definitely recommend other journalists to use PressPlugs!”

Kathleen North
Freelance journalist

“As a freelance journalist, Press Plugs has proved incredibly helpful in finding case studies as well as expert input. As someone who works autonomously and has no immediate network to reach out to, being able to post my requests is invaluable. They go live almost immediately - a fact that is confirmed with great efficiency - and it allows my request to be viewed by a range of individuals and organisations I would never normally be in contact with. During the last year it has been particularly helpful. Personally, securing case studies is the most pivotal part of creating features and Press Plugs have helped me enormously in finding suitable individuals.”

Anna Fedorova
Freelance Finance Journalist

“Tracy is absolutely lovely to communicate with and PressPlugs has been super helpful to me in finding quotes and commentators on multiple occasions. All interactions I have ever had with PressPlugs have been professional, friendly and polite and they have access to a strong network of contacts across various industries, I certainly intend to seek Tracy's help in the future. Thanks!”

Amanda Newman-Smith for website
Amanda Newman-Smith
Journalist at Money Marketing

I use PressPlugs regularly because it's a quick and easy way to get comments for my features from outside my usual network of contacts. There may be times when I'm writing about something outside my comfort zone and I don't know anyone who is an expert in that topic. Or I might be looking for some fresh voices to give a topic I cover all the time a new twist. That's where PressPlugs comes in. It takes the legwork out of making new contacts and has put me in touch with great people I'd never have come across.

Emmeline Saunders
Emmeline Saunders
Opinion Editor - Daily Mirror

"PressPlugs is an excellent service for journalists and a valuable tool when tight deadlines are looming. Its rich stream of quality experts takes the stress out of gathering exclusive comment and quotes"