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PressPlugs is here to make the life of PR Pros easier by connecting you with the UKs top journalists.

Every day, we receive requests from journalist’s looking for case studies, comments, samples, etc., so we’re here to connect you with them, so you can provide top PR opportunities for your clients.

To do this we, we work tirelessly every day to develop relationships with new, relevant journalists, so they use PressPlugs for their media requests.

We continue to attract a pool of high quality journalists with unique requests and we also scour social media to look for the best opportunities, saving you hours of time and research.

The media opportunities we send you will be available fresh from the journalist straight to your Inbox and on your dashboard.

Our software ensures the hottest media opportunities will be with you in super quick time.

Oh, and finally we provide an affordable service with flexible contracts because we think all PRs, regardless of size should be able to access this type of service!

Why should PRs sign up to PressPlugs?

To access unique top tier UK journalist requests

Saves you time scouring social media as we’ve already done it!

Offers helpful PR resources

Affordable service with flexible contracts

Access to our dedicated support team

Be part of a community with an ethical approach

Promote mutual respect between PRs and journalists

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