Testimonials Subscribers

Sharon Davis
Dales PR and Marketing

“I was drawn to PressPlus because all categories are included in one subscription. It's certainly added value to my client offering and I've secured some brilliant media coverage through the service. The affordability and flexible payment structure also sets them apart from competitors.”

Elyssa Fagan
Elyssa Fagan Communications

“PressPlugs has been a really useful service for me as it means I get specific requests of interest to my inbox all throughout the day that I can respond to quickly and easily. I work across various sectors and sometimes there may be a request from a journalist I’m not connected with yet that Press Plugs delivers it right to me.”

Julia Vockrodt
VP Communications Ltd

“To just say that PressPlugs is a useful journalist and PR resource is just part of the story. I am impressed with the broad range of sectors it covers and the number of useful and actionable PR opportunities it provides. However, what I appreciate most is their personal communication and genuine interest in me as a subscriber, as well as their desire to continually improve the service.”

Alison oleary pic
Alison O’Leary
Live True

“PressPlugs has been a godsend. As a sole trader, I haven't got the bandwidth to spend precious time seeking out PR opportunities, but now PressPlugs does this for me. The service is seamless, keeps me up to date with relevant media opportunities & helps me keep up with which journalists are writing what. I've been using it recently to pitch lifestyle bloggers and secure coverage and backlinks in their Christmas gift guides, which has seriously increased my website traffic. If you're a small business and you want to take PR seriously without a serious financial outlay, I'd highly recommend PressPlugs. You won't regret it!”

stacey macnaught pic
Stacey MacNaught

“I love Press Plugs. It complements your proactive, well planned PR perfectly. It's non-intrusive (no can't- turn-it-off email spam) and simple to use. Login as and when you want and find journalists looking for things your clients can help with today. I've had several clients in consumer magazines and national newspapers as the result of just popping a reply to a journalist whose request I saw on Press Plugs. Hugely affordable compared with other similar services too.”

Carrie Eddins
Return On Connection

“Whether you are doing PR yourself, or are managing it for other people, we all have 24 hours in a day right? Right! The PressPlugs service speeds up you achieving your PR goals massively; saving you you’re 'un-get-back-able,' time. I have used it for several months now and I have been hugely impressed. Investing in this service, I have got my clients across the national press in places like the Daily Mail, Stylist Magazine, and on MTV news, to name but a few. I cannot recommend them enough. This service allows you to leverage your precious time, so that you can supercharge your visibility and do what you love to do it! It's frankly a no-brainer.”

Jenny Hodge
Attention to Detail Communications

“I’ve been using PressPlugs for a couple of months now. The service has generated some genuinely good media opportunities, which have resulted in excellent coverage for my clients, including a feature on”

Paul Pugh
Sincerely Paul

“We used to waste time writing press releases that never got anywhere. Since using Press Plugs journalists come to us! We’ve been featured in several publications and our profile has risen hugely as a result.”

Mark Williams
Bentley Ash Photography

““PressPlugs is a cheap and effective way to get my business noticed. I simply help out a reporter and I get the publicity. Amazing!””

Emma Starrs
Ad-Hoc PR

I can’t recommend Press Plugs highly enough to my PR, journalist and SME contacts. It’s the breath of fresh air we’ve all been waiting for. Solid opportunities and a responsive team at a price that’s accessible. Check it out - free trial for 7 days. Love it when we all collaborate for the better. Thanks Tracy!