Welcome to PressPlugs – the way to great PR at a price you can afford

Welcome to PressPlugs – the way to great PR at a price you can afford

Public Relations (PR) can be an expensive game as many businesses will no doubt testify, but that’s all about to change with the launch of PressPlugs.

Small businesses can now add PR to their marketing bow, and compete with the big boys’ thanks to a new service, which is about to level the playing field for all business owners by giving SME’s direct access to great media opportunities.

The press, and by that we mean newspapers, magazines, TV and radio have always needed help, but generally only those engaging PR agencies have had the means to get to those key influencers.

However using PressPlugs for a year will give all business owners direct access to thousands of opportunities from journalists looking for experts, at an annual cost adding up to less than a quarter page advert in a local newspaper.

So, if you’re working on your marketing plan for 2017, then it’s time to consider Pressplugs as part of your armoury.

After all, an advertisement is merely ‘you’ telling the world how great you are compared to a journalist talking about how good your business is in a magazine that your potential customers read – priceless!

In short, it’s a cast iron way of building huge amounts of credibility and keeping your profile high.

Our solution is very easy – sign up for free, and start receiving daily lists of press opportunities from thousands of journalists.

Just read through your daily list, spot the opportunities that are right for you, contact the journalist and if you’re a good fit – you get the publicity.

Before you know it, you’ll be appearing right in front of thousands of potential customers.

It really is that simple and it gives you, the business owner access to a world that traditionally only big business had access to.

We look forward to building up a strong database of loyal customers and helping many companies, just like ourselves; make it big using the power of PR.

Ready to sign up? Click here…and start getting daily lists for only £19 per month!