Innovative Ways To Get Press Coverage For Your Startup


Innovative Ways To Get Press Coverage For Your Startup

If you are just starting your business, expanding it or launching a new product, you want to tell as many people as possible. The more people who know about your business, the better chance it has at success.

While you could spend thousands marketing your business and creating effective ad campaigns to reach more potential customers, your budget might not allow it. This is where the press comes in very useful as it doesn’t cost very much at all to get press coverage for your startup, just some innovative thinking.

If you are looking for some innovative tips to get press coverage, then keep reading as Press Plugs is going to share some amazing tips that will help you generate interest in your startup today!

Innovative Tips To Get Press Coverage For Your Startup

Research Your Competitors – knowing what your competitors are doing and who is covering their story can give you some valuable insight. It can also make reaching out to the reporters covering your competitors easier and enable you to differentiate your company from theirs.

Create An Elevator Pitch – your elevator pitch is a brief description of your company and what you have to offer. Elevator pitches are directed at potential customers, investors and business partners and clients as well. Your elevator pitch needs to be perfect if it is to generate the results you want.

Create A Business Story – creating a story about your company can help you relate and engage better with potential customers. A relatable story generally reads better and will be covered more readily by the press.

Create A Press Release – a press release is a page of information about your startup, event or product launch. Submit your press release to your local news reporting agency or to journalists working on publications and outlets that cover your niche.

Target Your Client Base – knowing your clients and where they are more likely to see your message is important if you want to market your startup. Targeting your client base more effectively will help you market your startup more efficiently.

Be Impactful – when reaching out to the press, be impactful in your writing. Not being direct or overexplaining will lead to your story not being published. Keep it short and to the point.

Always Use High-Quality Images – high-quality images look better and portray your company and your products much more professionally.

Choose PressPlugs – subscribe to a journalist request service, like PressPlugs so that you can respond immediately to journalists covering your business area.

To learn more, contact PressPlugs and find the highest quality media opportunities around!

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