Why journalists are a misunderstood bunch who deserve our respect

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Why journalists are a misunderstood bunch who deserve our respect

Often people using our journalist request service, PressPlugs tell us how rude journalists can be. They say how they responded to a media request but didn’t get a reply or perhaps were told that they would be quoted in an article and never heard anymore.

It leads to a generalisation that journalists are ignorant and don’t care etc., etc.

Well here at PressPlugs, having been formed by people who have worked both as journalists and PR consultants, we are in a somewhat unique position to see both sides.

The fact is that most journalists are very nice people. Away from their laptops and pressure of work, they are generally very pleasant and have a great understanding of the world, with a huge knowledge on many subjects, and are altogether interesting people to be around.

However, in their day to day work, they have it tough. They often aren’t well paid, and many are freelance, trying to earn a living in a profession, which has taken a real kicking since the dawn of the internet.

Often the deadlines they have are very harsh, their editors uptight, and they are under stress, whilst trying to write something highly creative. They need people who will understand their predicament.

They can, with the best will in the world feel misunderstood, so we at PressPlugs believe they need a little more understanding. It isn’t always their fault

They can write stories only for the editor to pull it at the last minute, thereby leaving your story untold, they can write reams about you only for their editor to cut the article by 500 words and leave your comments out, and they are so busy, with people contacting them, that they often just can’t find the time to respond, especially to those they feel are time wasters.

So, let us explain. Sometimes the journalist looking to speak to an employment lawyer can get an email or a phone call from someone trying to pitch a really interesting family lawyer, who they want to get publicity for. Well, how would you feel about being pitched something irrelevant?  We hope you can see the point.

We say to all PressPlugs subscribers and anyone else pitching to the media, please only go after media opportunities or present pitches that are relevant. Taking a long shot, like the one we’ve just mentioned is just going to irritate, waste time and ultimately result in no response.

Of course, there are rude journalists, but everyone can be at times. Treat people with respect and you will find you, generally, get treated well in return.

We want everyone using PressPlugs journalist request service to use the platform to build great relationships that will last. It’s more of a slow burner, but it will benefit everyone in the end.

Remember PR is a long game, play it with this in mind and ultimately you’ll be the one who knows the key influencers – journalists, who have time for you because you took time to understand them.

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